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Lost in a Fog or On the Road

   (working titles)

in development

Just out of high school in the 1960s, a four member rock & roll band driving to a gig pass through a dense fog and find themselves in the 1920s!

They thought they checked into a motel in New Jersey, but when they awoke it was the 13th floor of an old run-down hotel with lots of strange characters as guests, hotel owners and hotel workers. They get involved with a bunch of female operators - telephone operators that is. And, they provide for a surprise ending

Original rock music and lots of fun.

Musical comedy

M 9 / F 8 plus chorus

Mostly unit set

First reading May 2019 was by the drama class at Lumpkin County High School - good feedback - they liked it! Some edits before the next reading by the Holly Theatre Company


Music of the Banned, Operator - Operator, We've Got Your Number, Dime-a-Dance-Girl, I'll Never Know, On the Road, Bobby, Time Out for Good Behavior, Second Chance, Room and Bored, Time Travelers, Goin' to the Moon, Take It With a Twist, Limbo Land, Combo Nation, Twilight Zoned Out, The FOG

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