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Performance Licence /  Performance Contract

This is a contract between Timothy Quigley (Playwright) and ____________________  (Production Organization) by ___________________ (Authorized Representative). Venue address ________________________________________, email address __________________________seating capacity___, ticket pricing _______________________________, school/production company web site _______________________, phone ___________, non-profit (yes or no), number of performances __________, production dates ____________________

Name of play or musical _________________________________________. Royalties per performance ______ . Total royalties due _______________ . 

One performance is allowed per production for a dress rehearsal / preview with invited guests that are not charged.

The Production Organization is given video permission upon full payment to have videos made of the show as long as they will not be sold for a profit (sold at cost is OK). If you would like to secure permission to sell videos at a profit, a $50 fee should be added to the total royalties. 

No substantial changes or additions can be made to the script or score without the Playwright's permission. If in doubt, ask for a ruling.

The Production company is allowed to make copies of the scripts and score for this production as described above.

The playwright, and composer for musicals must be noted on all marketing material including: posters, programs, advertisements and copies of all must be sent to the Playwright prior to opening night. Digital copies are acceptable. Also, the Production Organization must send at least three digital images of the production that the Playwright may use in marketing the play. Two complimentary tickets must supplied to the Playwright upon request.

A deposit of 50% of the total royalties are due with this contract, with the balance due one week prior to opening night.

If the entire royalties are paid with the contact application, then a 10% discount will be allowed.

Send a signed copy of this contract along with a check to:

Timothy Quigley, 4716 Camp Wahsega Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533


Send of scan of the signed copy along with full credit card information to

A fully signed copy will be returned to the Production Organization. 

Authorized Representative (print and sign & date)___________________________________________________

Playwright ________________________________________________________

(copy and paste to an email or Word document and send to , or send to Timothy Quigley, 4716 Camp Wahsega Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533)

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