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Alice in Wonderland

An adaptation of the classic Alice In Wonderland with some pop culture, new characters and some corny humor.

Bob Barker (dog) tells Alice to "come on down" to play the Price is Wrong or Right and the prize is to select one of three doors. The one she picks takes her to Wonderland.

Perusals are sent free of charge via email. Production scripts can be copied. Royalties are $35 per performance. Video permission included.

Comedy in two acts.

Lots of flexibility with gender for roles. Recent high school production had 8M / 23F

Sets are typical of the story with a few extra.

To order a perusal from a mobile device, click on the email address below, state which play you would like & give your name, location, contact info, theater/school/production company. From a desk top send to:

Productions: Holly Chilldren's Theater, Dahlonega, GA; Lumpkin Co High School, GA; Lee Co High School, GA

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