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Goldilocks and the Three Bears on the Square

This cute show was written for the Bear on the Square Festival in Dahlonega, GA, which commemorates the visit of three black bears to the town square in 1996. This short one-act show tells what happened that day from the bear's perspective. There is a lot of bear humor.

Can be adapted to your locale. Opportunities to have a much expanded cast of townspeople, firemen, etc. 

M1 / F3 plus many roles can be either gender

Music for the song is included - whole cast sings at the end

Opportunity for a dance number or two

Sets can be simple, but you do need a tree: bear's den, downtown exterior, forest. Run time ~ 25-30 minutes.

To order a perusal from a mobile device, click on the email address below, state which play you would like & give your name, location, contact info, theater/school/production company. From a desk top send to:

Perusal is free and sent via email and you can copy for production scripts. Video permission is included. 

$25 per performance.

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